Advantages of a transparent subsurface

Making te subsurface transparent has several advantages. Modern technology helps creating answers.

In any building process, a dilemma rises in that the living environment above the ground is visible, while the nature of the subsurface often remains unknown. What would it mean if we were able to create a clear picture of the subsurface? Thanks to modern technology precisely that is something we can do today! It is now possible to combine digital government information from the framework of key registers with information about the subsurface and building information at a single location or within a single project. Using the right knowledge, it is possible to produce a 3D virtual living environment, also known as the Digital Twin. This virtual environment makes the world both above ground and below the surface transparent, understandable and accessible for example for experts in civil engineering, policy makers and local residents.

Digital twin of Lekdijk

Virtual model

This knowledge and the virtual model offer an excellent starting point for discussions about what is possible in and on our subsurface environment. It also enables an integrated approach and proactive management with regard to taking opportunities and managing risks throughout the building process. Above all in the investigation and planning phase, the availability and combination of data about the situation above ground and in the subsurface are essential in obtaining an understanding of the opportunities and uncertainties.


The deployment of ‘tailor-made geoinformation’ on location - both local and regional - will help accelerate the building process, ensure more effective geo risk management and encourage broader support among directly affected local residents. In the various living labs for testing the BRO programme, this process innovation has been clearly demonstrated.

More information about good practice: the proofs of concept.