Case studies

BRO in practice

What would it mean if we were able to create a clear picture of the subsurface? Thanks to modern technology precisely that is something we can do today! It is now possible to combine digital government information from the framework of key registers with information about the subsurface and building information at a single location or within a single project. Using the right knowledge, it is possible to produce a 3D virtual living environment, also known as the Digital Twin. This virtual environment makes the world both above ground and below the surface transparent, understandable and accessible .

In the various living labs for testing the BRO programme, this process innovation has been clearly demonstrated. Take a look at the case studies (in Dutch).

Storymap Energy transition: opportunities in the sub-surface

This storymap focuses on re-use and decommissioning of the existing oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands. A hot topic, while the whole country is switching to sustainable energy sources in order to mitigate climate change.

Storymap GeoTOP model

The GeoTOP model offers a detailed, three-dimensional insight into the Dutch subsurface, to a depth of 50 metres below Dutch Ordnance Datum (NAP). To realise GeoTOP, the Netherlands has been divided into a number of regions. This story map accompanies the GeoTOP model of North Brabant and North and Central Limburg.

The hidden world beneath our feet - The Key Registry of the Dutch Subsurface