Except where otherwise noted, the contents of this website are subject to the Creative Commons zero (CC0) license. This means distribution and re-use of the contents of the site is generally permitted, except for parts (for instance documents) where an authorial copyright is in place.

The CC0 license does not apply to photographs. It is not permitted to re-use photographic material, unless it is indicated that a certain photograph is free for use.

Re-using the contents

If you re-use the contents of the website, attribution is not mandatory. But when citing the contents, it is not allowed to create the impression that the Dutch central government implicitly endorses the overall meaning of the derivative work.

Rights that remain unchanged

The following rights are not affected by the Creative Commons zero license, and therefore remain in place:

  • Patents and trademarks.
  • The rights of others, either on parts of this website or the way in which the website is used, such as portrait rights or the right to privacy.