On 1 January 2018, the National Key Registry of the Subsurface came into effect. This imposed the statutory obligation upon all municipalities, provinces, water boards and government agencies to submit the first three registration objects to the National Facility via the portal for Source Data Owners. This relates to objects with added value for the implementation of works in the physical living environment, for example the construction and maintenance of roads, houses and flood protection elements.

Key registers are typically embedded in legislation. In case of the BRO the first thought of having a key register on the subsurface dates from 2002 when the Geological Survey of the Netherlands discussed the possibility to ‘upgrade’ the existing National Data Repository (Data en Informatie van de Nederlandse Ondergrond, DINO) with the ministry of spatial planning and the  environment.

It took more than 15 years to have a law on the Key Register of the Subsurface (accepted by parliament on 30-09-2015). This law is implemented with additional regulations that specify the data standard Catalogue (‘Algemene maatregel van Bestuur’, AmvB) and the details for mandatory use (‘Koninklijk Besluit’, KB).

Download National Key Registry of the Subsurface Act (pdf, 241 kB)