About this website

Working together

The Netherlands is digitalising, and that offers great opportunities to make the governmental digital service smarter, more accessible, and more personal. The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations wants to benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation, and gives citizens and businesses more control.

The Keyregistry of the Subsurface  helps civil servants, policy makers, and IT developers who are actively engaged in improving the digital service level. Anyone who contributes to that process can find basic information on this website about the developments, backgrounds, and progress, and anyone who wants to comment or collaborate is welcome here as well!

Address your questions, tips or requests for information to support@broservicedesk.nl.

Management of the BRO website

Basiregistratieondergrond.nl/english  is a Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations website. It is kept up-to-date and managed by Program BRO.